@SeeLikeMenna is the first-ever Instagram experience that lets you see the world through the eyes of
visually impaired skier and Paralympic gold medalist, Menna Fitzpatrick.


Elevating and empowering Paralympic athletes

As the first ever Official Mobility Sponsor of both the Olympic and Paralympic Games,
Toyota wanted to demonstrate its commitment to becoming a mobility company on
a global platform. But we couldn’t just say it…our partnership had to prove it by elevating the
games and empowering athletes who defy the odds to overcome the impossible.

In order to elevate the Paralympics, we had to first address the stigma around
Paralympic athletes. The truth is, these athletes overcome incredible odds just to compete.
They face challenges most able-bodied people can’t even begin to imagine.


“What it’s actually like to ski with a visual impairment.”


 @SeeLikeMenna helped change the way that people see Paralympians.

We gave people a unique window into what it takes to compete at the Paralympics, while underscoring Toyota’s commitment to mobility for all. The campaign created an entirely new community of followers @SeeLikeMenna comprised of tens of thousands of individuals. We also sparked a global conversation around the games. And ultimately, Toyota’s mission helped make the 2018 Paralympics the most watched games in history.


We created content that was visually arresting,
yet disruptive to the platform.


 As a 100% visual platform, Instagram was the perfect place to tell a story about our visually impaired skier. We could tell our story in a way that was disruptive to the typical user experience, but creating an account from Menna's POV made the content feel native to the platform. Also, creating an account in Menna's own voice let people connect with her on a deeply personal level. The content we developed gave viewers a first-hand glimpse into the life of a visually impaired skier on her way to Paralympic glory.


Seeing Like Menna

Menna was born with congenital retinal folds, a condition which has left her with no vision in her left eye and limited sight in her right eye. In a partnership with the Royal National Institute for the Blind and a team of leading ophthalmologists, we turned to Menna’s medical data to accurately recreate how she sees as she flies down a mountain at 100 km/h. The medical data not only informed the content creation, but became the basis of the experience itself. Only after consulting with experts and Menna herself were we able to truly recreate Menna’s POV in a way that was truly authentic and inspiring.

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